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Bruce Ware on Our Sin

What exactly is the effect of sin in our lives? ...

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Are We Theological Gluttons?

Our minds were made to know and love God, but can we go about that the wrong way?...

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Biblical Story in 200 Words

The whole story of the Bible in 200 words. What would you change? ...

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Classic Sermons You Need to Read

A few years ago, Justin Taylor asked some pastors and theologians what they would recommend as sermons or essays that have had a special impact on them, or that they would seriously urge students and pastors to consider reading....

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Something You Must Teach Your Church about the Bible

When you have an hour to be fed, listen to Kevin DeYoung at Parkside Church's Basics Conference (pastor Allistair Begg). He speaks on the perspicuity of Scripture....

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Does God Need Us?

I remember vividly a conversation I had once with my dad. "Hey dad," I said. "I need you to buy me a new skateboard.""What happened to your old skateboard?" he asked. "Did it break?""No. They just came out with a new model, and I need to upgrade to the new and improved one. It is way cooler and way safer." I smiled."Let me get this straight," he said. "Are you trying to t...

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