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Celebrating the New Year with Old Readings

The New Year has come, and so also our resolutions. Whether you’re determined to start a diet or form fresh habits or simply to pick up a new hobby, there are many ways to start this New Year “anew.” For Christians, reading often can be included in such New Year’s resolutions. Every year new books are published and each may grab our attention—fiction and non-fict...

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Preparing for Advent with Three Christological "Rules" for Reading

I’d like to propose just one way to celebrate Advent for pastors and church leaders who are entrusted to read and teach Scripture and to help others read and teach Scripture. How can we faithfully do such in this upcoming Advent season? Again, this is just a way, not the way or the only way, but nonetheless, a good way to help us prepare for Advent....

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Confessing Mystery and Talking about the Trinity

The Holy Trinity is the core confession of the Christian faith that lies behind all the biblical content believers confess to be true....

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