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Pattern of Creation, Pattern of Worship

Liturgy names the pattern of worship by which the people of God render to Him true and laudable praise—the pattern by which we, the priesthood of all believers, participate in the renewal of all things for the glory of God. Every church has a liturgy, a pattern of worship. The suggestion here is that, at minimum, the pattern of our worship should follow the pattern of cr...

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On Advent and Hopeful Waiting

If Christmas celebrates the Birth of Christ, his first Advent which already happened, then what does our current observance of Advent teach us to wait for? What is the Appearing that the Church finds herself awaiting?...

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Keeping God’s Time

If our lives are already marked and “clocked” by schedules and calendars, why not order all these schedules and calendars towards the Gospel of Jesus and the witness of his Church?...

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