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How Do You Help Hurting People?

Unlike Proverbs, do you moralize, unhinging advice from deeper insight and deeper reasons? "Read your Bible... Just get accountable... Have your quiet time... Get involved in a ministry." But proverbs point to the fruits of grace, not the means of grace....

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John Piper's Influence

John Piper has influenced me in many ways through his writing and preaching. ...

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Don Carson's Influence

How Don Carson has influenced me as a Christian, pastor, and as a man. ...

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The Gospel in Japan

If you are familiar with Japan or have visited there, you know that it is a hard place for gospel work. Many have called it the "missionary's graveyard." But there are signs that God is working there, and he is using one of our speakers for the upcoming Overflow Conference, Michael Oh, to do some exciting things there. Several years back, Michael helped launched Christ Bib...

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Social Justice Needs the Cross

What role does the Gospel play in the church's involvement in social justice? ...

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Gospel Movement in Southeast Asia

The Gospel is being proclaimed in Southeast Asia. Read one person's account from this summer. ...

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