Biblical Story in 200 Words

The task of summarizing the whole Bible in 200 words or less was very valuable for me. It forced me to think through what the actual message of all of Scripture is, and allow those most important themes to rise to the top. If you have never tried summarizing Scripture in 200 words or less, stop reading now and try! 

Here is what I came up with. I'm sure that I highlighted some things that you wouldn't have. Or maybe you would add something that I left out (but you only have 200 words!).

The Bible is about the relationship between God and man. Scripture teaches that the eternal, Triune God Yahweh exists, is holy, sovereign, good, just, autonomous, loving, and worthy of all glory. This God created the world and everything in it, creating man in His image. Mankind rebelled against God, breaking their perfect relationship and incurring God’s wrath. Thankfully, God promised to fix this relationship through a specific descendant of man. To fulfill this promise, God entered into a covenant relationship with a chosen people, national Israel. Like mankind, Israel also rebelled against God. But God was faithful, sending His Son to earth to incarnate as a man. This virgin born descendant of man, Jesus, would live a perfect, sinless life. Jesus laid down His life and died, enduring all of God’s wrath, in man’s place. His blood paid the price, atoned, for man’s sin. Jesus bodily rose from the dead, sealing God’s promise, and ascended alive to His Father in heaven. God’s Spirit was sent to indwell believers before Jesus returns to rescue His followers from sin and death, setting up His Kingdom. Only those who trust in Jesus will have that perfect relationship restored with God now and forever.

 What would you modify? Why? 


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